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Just A Gent takes us on a heartwarming "Time Voyage" with Hauskey

Time waits for no one. A familiar sentiment heard over and over, we've come to perceive time as linear in North American society, yet, around the world, time is understood in vastly different manners based on culture; it would be silly to think that time only lends itself in one way. In exploring the vastness and relativity of time, Australian producer Just A Gent takes us on a breathtaking "Time Voyage", with Hauskey lending his vocals for a heartwarming future bass beauty.

Unique in its method of bending rich piano and string melodies, "Time Voyage" is a pre-empt for Just A Gent's forthcoming EP—a glimpse into the musically diverse reverie that we'll no doubt, spend our days in.

"I wrote the original track just chilling in my studio after watching a bunch of Futurama and it got me thinking about time and how everyone perceives time and we never know how much time we have left," Just A Gent reflects, as he outlines the story behind the record. "So after I made the beat for the track, I then named it "Time Voyage". A couple of months later I ended up in the studio with an amazing vocalist and top-liner Andy Hopkins and cellist Hannah Oblikov and we essentially finished the track that day, Andy and I had the vocal done after about an hour and Hannah just smashed the strings first take. The track came together so fast, it was nuts! In the end, the track turned out exactly how I envisioned it and I feel the song is an excellent reminder to always remember time is relative–you can go on a voyage whenever you want."

In a boundless expanse of soothing sounds, "Time Voyage" moves through a landscape with subtle nuances of groove, Hauskey's breathy vocals offering lush textures to the production. A rich and instrumental-filled number, Just A Gent mulls over our conception of time with candor, glitchy stutters in the drop opening our eyes to the wonders of looking at things with a tranquilizing perspective. In a beautiful buildup, the producer melds lucid piano chords and off-kilter synths for an overall enthralling single, heralding in a new era of introspective electronic music. 

Australian tuxedo-clad producer Jacob Grant of Just A Gent has been reshaping the electronic music scene over the past five years. Having already remixed the likes of Alison Wonderland and Peking Duk, the young producer sits well over 68 million Spotify streams and has sold out tours, in addition to playing a plethora of global festivals. View Just A Gent's upcoming tour dates here.

Buy/stream "Time Voyage" here.


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