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Olakira invites us to join him for some delicious 'Wakanda Jollof'

Fast-rising Afrobeats star Olakira's debut EP 'Wakanda Jollof' aims to bring the world closer to his African roots. The 7 track body of work sees the hardworking act blending a handful of music styles and genres from the continent, spiced up for a global audience. As he puts it, the title which makes reference to the fictional Black Panther country of Wakanda and West Africa's famous spicy rice dish is a way of presenting his art in its most original form to the rest of the world.

The EP opens up with the laid back sultry "Ma Cherie Coco" and moves into a mid-tempo sun-drenched cut aptly titled "Summer Time". Olakira knows his onions and delivers soothing melodies effortlessly on both tracks. "Till Dawn" and "Aya Mi (My Love)" hit the right spot with their love-laden vibes but the solid grooves still remain. For the rest of the project, he continues to keep the energy to the brim and doesn't venture outside the foreign territory that much.

For the most part, the EP is cohesive and has an easy listening aura thanks to the infectious soundscapes courtesy of Zimbabwean beatsmith Mr. Kamera (Patoraking, Davido, Mr. Eazi), as well as longtime collaborators DXOHM and Steryo. For those that don't know, before his artist debut last year, he was writing and producing some of the Afrobeats scene's biggest hits, including co-writing and co-producing breakthrough hits like "Akube" and "My Woman". Purchase/download 'Wakanda Jollof' EP  here.

Track 1: Ma Cherie Coco
Track 2: Summer Time
Track 3: Till Dawn
Track 4: Aya Mi (My Love)
Track 5: Money Groove
Track 6: Wakanda Jollof
Track 7: Flirty Signal (Refix)

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Afrobeat · Alt-Pop


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