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Ralph is pulling us into her "Gravity" [Video]

Toronto's Ralph (Raffaela Weyman) has been steadily establishing herself as queen of disco-inspired vintage pop since she came on the scene in 2015. Her 2018 debut album A Good Girl saw the successes of tracks such as "September Fades" and "Girl Next Door", further solidifying her dance-filled journey toward pop perfection.

Last week she released her first track of 2019, "Gravity", and in true Ralph fashion it was accompanied by a stunning music video, animated by multidisciplinary artist Amika Cooper AKA Blackpowerbarbie

"I've admired Amika's work for a while," Ralph shares. "There's a strength and beauty in the women she creates, so I reached out to see if she'd be interested in illustrating a video for me and creating a cartoon Ralph. My vision was a combination of Sailor Moon meets Gucci animation campaign meets Anime meets Britney Spears's 'Oops' video and the results are perfect." Adorned with bursts of pastel colours and rolling scenes, these visuals feel like the opening credits to an action-packed movie where the women don't cower and strive to save themselves. 

Female empowerment aside, "Gravity" serves to succumb to the simplest and purest of desires- to dance. "When I was younger, Electric Circus was the coolest thing happening in Toronto. I would try to stay up late so I could watch the furry cowboy hats and tube tops on TV, and I truly wanted to grow up so I could dance at EC. This song is an ode to 90's house with a contemporary pop flair," Ralph explains. The carefully crafted track explodes with lively chords and a summer-drenched melody, implanting itself in your brain while simultaneously swaying your hips along to its infectious beat. It's a charged entrance into 2019, and one that heralds her forthcoming EP, due in October.

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