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Ajani Jones faces fear while “Lucid”

Chicago Rapper Ajani Jones has recently released his “Lucid” official video. Signed to Chicago based label Closed Sessions, Ajani's laser precision skills and imagery make "Lucid" bone-chillingly good.  


Lucid dreaming occurs when the dreamer knows they're dreaming, and therefore can control the experience. In “Lucid,” Ajani discusses the pressures of an up and coming rapper dealing with financial struggles and mental health issues. His carefully carved lyrics suggest that he doesn’t know if he’s dreaming or not. As a result, he goes insane, causing the visual to resemble a lucid nightmare.

The song begins with a beautiful piano chord backed with static sounds. Jones appears in a straight jacket. The visuals are reminiscent of the classic movie The Shining, which he mentions in the song. Ajani's lucidity allows him to rap with amazing wordplay and weld an ax, defending him from a dark static-like figure that hunts him thought out the video.

It's entertaining to watch, however it is a never-ending and nerve-wracking process for Ajani. Talent oozes through his pores as he flows wildly on the simple piano chord-driven beat, and he is perfectly in the pocket with the drums and hi-hats. His forthcoming album Dragonfly is due out July 16.

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