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Ralph unveils the visuals for her single "Girl Next Door" ft. TOBi. [video]

Ralph released "Girl Next Door" some weeks back and now she is back with the colorful visuals that bring a whole new perspective to the song.

Director Ally Pankiw brings the song to life with an offbeat, quirky aesthetic which breaks the mold at every turn.  The set pieces are a blend of modern-vintage styles from the color coordination and even choreography. Pankiw taps into the stay grounded message in the song and nothing is flashy or commonplace. At one point we see Ralph chilling on a hammock in a supermarket above packs of noodles and onions, other scenes include her buried in sand on the beach. Everything presented here strays from the norm and the connection is for the viewer to figure out. Overall, the common consensus is this video is brilliant and beautiful.

Stream "Girl Next Door" here 

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