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Pique Roscoe is ready to make his mark with the head-nodding "Pass Me The Bat"


Pique Roscoe isn't a slouch when it comes to this music stuff. Previously going by the alias Jus Liam, he's had a string of releases that have seen him become one of Manchester's hip-hop dark horses. His close relationship with fellow Mancunian and beatsmith Matt Kuartz has led to several boom bap golden nuggets. The pair again connect on "Pass Me The Bat", which see's Roscoe spitting some home truths over the head-nodding instrumental created by Kuartz. The track sounds heavily influenced by the New York rap era of the 90s. Pique's sharp tongue and infectious flow ride the beat so well, making it a perfect match.

The UK hip-hop scene has recently seen a huge boost in the number of artists finally getting recognition for what they do. If you were to rewind a decade, you'd be hard pressed to find any UK rappers getting anywhere near as much attention. But within the last few years there's been a resurgence of artists seeing their music get A-listed on the radio and climbing up the charts. The likes of Giggs, Dave, AJ Tracey & Fredo have all seen their music gain numerous plaudits and plaques. Today we have a special rap talent who's not from the epicentre of the UK. Instead, he's from the city of Manchester - the Northern powerhouse, a city that is steadily churning out musical talent as often as it used to sling cotton over a hundred years ago.


If "Pass Me The Bat" is anything to go by, Pique Roscoe is a name we're going to be hearing a lot more of in the future.

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