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Au/Ra spills her "Medicine" in new lyric video [Premiere]

If you want further proof that teens are going to heal the world, you need look no further than Au/Ra. With her latest single "Medicine," the Ibiza-born, Antigua-raised singer crafts subtle, nuanced electro-pop. 

Au/Ra draws inspiration for her visuals from Studio Ghibli. The soft-edged, anime-style coincides with her fantastical, apocalyptic sound. Much of her visual aesthetic, including the animation in the lyric video for "Medicine," hinges around the Miyazaki world.

Moody, booming electronic production sets the dark stage for "Medicine." On a wave of ambient noise comes Au/Ra's ethereal voice, spouting some of the smartest opening lines I've ever heard: "Dirty laundry, hanging out with the white lies 'til they're clean sheets." "Both songs are very personal to me in different ways," Au/Ra says of "Medicine and its release partner "Dance In The Dark." She continues: "And I feel like they are describing two different versions of acceptance. ‘Medicine’ is about accepting that nobody can fix you or your problems except for you."

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