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Seattle's CheckTeam and Souf Souf hold a party "On The Road" [Video]

Two of Seattle's most talented duos just got together for an energy-filled new video. Each member of CheckTeam, consisting of Keylo and Louii V, and Souf Souf, consisting of G Baby and Shotta Pistol, brings a rap style that complements each other's to "On The Road."

The track is filled with a blend of street raps and the playful piano melody delivers an energy that isn't overly aggressive; it's an easy and exciting listen to bop to. The way each members individual style, hard fast paced rapping to high singing vocals,  seamlessly transition from one verse to another and allows each of the rappers to bring out the best in each member.

Their youthfulness could bring up comparisons of rap groups like Shoreline Mafia, but CheckTeam and Souf Souf bring a distinct sound to music. It's flex-filled and the artists seem to feed off one another on this track that doubles down on the confident lyricism.

The video, directed by Seattle-based videographers TownEnt, visually portrays the youthfulness of the song as the two duos are seen playing arcade games and with a group of people outside. Check out the new music video for "On The Road" up above. 

Connect with CheckTeam: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram 

Connect with Souf Souf:  Instagram 

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