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Sparkee joins hands with LIINKS for funky new single "The Kids"

With the nigh of midsummer drawing close, electronic musician Sparkee has managed to conjure up another quirky composite of nu-disco textures to ease our hearts. Joining hands with band duo LIINKS, "The Kids" is a sonorous anthem rich in self-confidence and powerful in its reposed delivery.

Inspired by the spirit of living in the moment and placing worries aside, "The Kids" channels old-school nostalgia underlined by disco and a chill-pop vibe. The track is erratic in its inherent subtleties and proving its generational optimism. Exalting all the right chords in all its vibrant glory, the musician curates a lush soundscape befitting of LIINK's vocalist, Georgia Murray, letting her sublimely smooth vocals shine. It's an elegantly composed track that offers a delicate juxtaposition of the past and present sensibilities, balancing a young ambiance with its retro attributes. 

Sparkee is an electronic musician and avid guitar player, dabbling his talents in various genres including nu-disco and electro-funk. Drawing most of his influence from artists like Nile RodgersDaft PunkJustice and Joe Satriani, Sparkee's unique sound is an appreciation of genre-defying moments. After his remix of deadmau5's "Strobe" went viral, the producer then went on to release his debut EP via Westwood Recordings, showcasing his musical diversity and abilities to its fullest extent and subsequently, was featured on Apple Music and iTunes.

Buy/stream "The Kids" here.

Connect with Sparkee: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with LIINKS: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Dance · Nu-disco


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