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Skaa keeps it plain and simple on 'Just An EP'

New York-via-Manila recording artist Skaa has become a standout new talent in today's hip-hop community thanks to his one-shot single, "Tan Shades." Capitalizing on the single's success, Skaa offers a formal introduction in his debut EP, simply titled Just An EP

The latest effort is a six-track collective that indulges into Skaa's personal life. Sonically, the project is a boom bap mixed production with a melodic tone. Discussing his transition to the states, family affairs, and dreams of grandeur, Skaa continues to never disappoint with creative wordplay and smooth demeanor. On the introspective "Intro (Days Away)," Skaa sounds like a time-tested individual trying to rise through the challenges and obstacles. Other tracks like "Pesos" displays his hustler/go-getter mentality over a solemn vintage-tinged soundscape.  Among the six new songs on Just An EP, we're introduced to fan favorites "Salary" and "Prada Fit." Nostalgic, revealing, and powerful, Just An EP is the defining project by the rising star that fans will be discussing for years to come. 
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