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Wale continues his streak with newest track "09 Folarin"

And the DC native is still in his bag! This week Wale is back with a new jazzy single titled “09 Folarin” emphasizing that his lyricism has reached even higher heights.

Wale has been rapping for over a decade being widely recognized for his hit songs “Lotus Flower Bomb” and “My Love” with Major Lazer, Wiz Kid, and Dua Lipa. The 34-year-old rapper continues to apply his metaphorical lyrics and play on words to tracks with unique soundscapes in order to create popular songs. From referencing Super Smash Brothers to firing shots at people in the rap industry that overlook his talent, “09 Folari” helps Wale to continue his streak of releasing heat all 2019.

Recognizable Lyrics:

Folarin, I still demolished a starvin artist

Go to the jeweler in June leave in December prolly

I chase profit you say my name they change topics so

Don't start if you can't back up like Blaine Gabbert

Don't hate rap I just hate rappers that like perppin

Real ice on fake niggas or vice verse

Paranoia is real for me they like lurking so

Every party we real heavy wit light searching

Cloud surfing, she on the cloud wit me

You still in y'all feelings, I'm in the style section

A niggas style somethin they could never grasp

Every beat I smash like I'm ike snake cloud or kirby

Wale’s newest single “09 Foalrin” definitely compliments him as a lyricist by pairing his bars over a funky, jazz beat that perfectly matches the rappers fast-paced flow. Despite the eclectic instrumentation, the overall production of “09 Folarin” specifically meshes with Wale’s lyrics nicely to create a smooth groovy track that one could rap and dance to. Even the trumpet sounds sprinkled throughout the song add flavor to the upbeat jazz track with hints of modern hip hop beats. Ultimately, Wale’s streak of releasing good music this year has not been broken with “09 Folarin”.

Wale has announced that his next album is complete so fans can look forward to the upcoming project dropping soon.

Connect with Wale: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud

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