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MGAZRD rings in the summer with "Mobsta Ties" [Video]

Stockton-based rap clique, MGAZRD, just dropped their latest single "Mobsta Ties," a throwback joint complete with hundred-degree flows and cooler-than-Tampico production. "Mobsta Ties" rolls out with a brand new video as well, showcasing the requisite components of any West Coast summer—none more important than a swimming pool...and some Super Soakers.

Vinnie Cre$po and MiGS—two-thirds of a MGAZRD monster that includes emcee and producer Steve Spiffler—provide the rhymes to Spiffler's extra-cool summertime beat. On "Mobsta Ties," the two spitters lay out their lucrative schemes for the summer and beyond, notably "tryna get moms a house and pops a ride." The vintage instrumental and flows recall summers of old while flexing a fresh sound that few contemporary artists can emulate.

If you're rockin' with "Mobsta Ties" feel free to stream or cop it here, and get connected via the links below to stay up on MGAZRD's other summer drops.

Connect with MGAZRD: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Connect with Steve Spiffler: Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

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