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JUSTEND releases passion-soaked R&B anthem "Quartz"

New to the scene, teenage artist JUSTEND has only been releasing music for less than a year, but still somehow let loose an impressive new single titled "Quartz." After moving from Long Island, the young artist recently finished his freshman year at NYU but has already made a confident first statement with this latest cocktail of R&B and lo-fi hip-hop. Hit plat on "Quartz" below: 

"Quartz" is nearly impossible to put in any kind of box. Sonically, the track holds an oddly hypnotic, trippy sound that sees JUSTEND draw out lyrics unlike any other artist. "'Quartz' is my auditory manifestation of killing off a part of me, moving onto new beginnings. Essentially I wanted to metaphorically portray the essence of change from my perspective after moving to NYC," JUSTEND said of the song's subjects.

The track is unique enough to be memorable but also structured well enough to show why JUSTEND is an artist whose talents should not be overlooked. The Moflo Music-produced song is introspective and lets emotion slowly seep through the singer's vocals during the track's four minutes. Clearly, this is a young artist with talent worth keeping an eye on. 

Connect with JUSTEND: Twitter | SoundCloudInstagram 



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