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Holmes is a honey pop songstress and that's a "Good Thing" [Video]

Holmes is a moody honey pop songstress based out of LA, and you've probably not heard her name yet. That's surprising though because in the span of her career, she's shared stages with 2000's heartthrobs like Aaron Carter, earned a 'Breakout Pop Artist of the Year' title and was a finalist in the Recording Academy's Grammy Showcase. Her new single "Good Thing" is actually the first single and debut video from Holmes but an early indicator that this is an artist ready to make a lasting impression.

"Good Thing" is an easy indie pop bop and the music video acts as a visual narration of a young woman in love. Curated for a youthful spirit, "Good Thing" is a tale of a young relationship’s journey - through the female perspective. “I feel like it’s right at the tip of my tongue,” Holmes breathlessly coos in her single, frustrated at herself for not being able to express her feelings accurately.

The video takes us through a montage that personifies the ups and downs of modern romance - concentrating on Holmes’ inner fear that perhaps saying “I love you” is the beginning...of the end. Holmes shares that she speaks to a generation of females who are equal parts empowered and plagued by their futures - the young women who are bold, affectionate, nervous and overly contemplative - all at once.

"Good Thing" is the first we're hearing from her debut EP which is getting help from some really solid names like, Billy Chapin (Backstreet Boys), Yoad Nevo (Sia), and Dibs (Melanie Martinez). Enjoy our introduction and stay tuned for more Holmes. 

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