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HUNJIYA sings from the heart on "Give It/What I Get"

HUNJIYA continues to build a reputation of delivering heartfelt lyrics and engaging production with the new single “Give It/What I Get.” Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in upstate New York, HUNJIYA (A.K.A. Alice Kim) recently studied music production in Miami and if her latest track is any indication, her schooling has definitely been a success.

Throughout her still young career, HUNJIYA has taken an open and earnest approach to music making, dating back to her debut self-produced EP Lineage from 2017, which she wrote as a tribute to her grandparents. “Give It/What I Get” is no different, as she details feelings of losing a sense of self. In a statement about the track, she writes, “It was written to anyone who might be the type to give too much of themselves to others and don’t get anything in return.” With tactful production contributions from Reed Gaines and impassioned vocal delivery, HUNJIYA provides self-healing messages with lines like, “Back to myself, I feel so much better when I give it a rest.” The track takes a fascinating turn in the "What I Get" section with a pitched down refrain that further showcases her range of tasteful production techniques. Her deft touch in the booth, along with substantive themes and skillful vocals, spell an unquestionably bright future for HUNJIYA.

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