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ALIGN delivers a vibrant indie-dance performance with debut EP 'INTERTWINE'

Chicago based James Fisher - aka ALIGN, has become known for his elegant and thought provoking music. Now, he releases his debut five track EP, INTERTWINE. 

This EP serves as a cohesive tour through sound and space, and as an amalgamation of emotions as experienced by ALIGN. Emotional writing blankets the project from the first track with the vocal recording, to the following ones where key lyrics grip the audience as soft synths cradle back into comfort.  With such a solid sound and direction ALIGN has already received nods from Thomas Jack, SNBRN, Vanic, Loud Luxury, GTA and more. 

INTERTWINE starts out "Embrace" which was previously released. With an old film reel, ALIGN immediately transports the listener to a place of nostaligia, as guitars begin to ring and a sweeping reece bass consumes. Stillness settles in, and the mind is put at ease as the song slowly fades out, gently leading into the next one.

"Symmetry" indulges in all the ODESZA vibes as plucks dance on top of shakers, creating a tune that could be listened to in pretty much any outing. This track delicately blends a repetitive vocal and gorgeous atmospheric elements which perfectly push the track in energy.

"Follow Me" also comes as a previous release and features a silky guitar layered on top of pulsing synths and just three words, follow me out. This whimsical combination creates a place for the mind to wander, and wonder...where am I following you to, and do I really even care?

"Thought Patterns" provides a luminous soundscape, as mallets collide with swelling synths that rise and fall with each section. This track also features a minimal vocal, that is then transposed up and added in filler sections as their own musical elements. It is then softly faded out, so that it effortlessly runs into the next and final track, "Found." Tropical mallets bounce up agains shakers building in anticipation for the drop that thumps with a solid 808 and a driving pluck. The ambient warmness of the track surrounds you as the last couple of piano notes echo through the speakers, concluding this journey.  

“When we finally started to pull out of the winter and darker times, I felt like I had found the direction I needed to go. Overall, ‘Intertwine’ holds its name because the more I think about things, the more I realize they’re all connected, and well, intertwined. This EP generally represents a range of emotions that we go through as humans, and how they’re all connected to each other in one way or another. The tracks on ‘Intertwine’ are not without their flaws, and none are perfect, but neither are we -- I look at these minor pieces as things to embrace.” - ALIGN

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Ambient · Downtempo · Indie Dance


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