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After three years Autograf finally releases their 5-track EP 'Love & Retrograde'

After a three year wait, Mikul Wing, Louis Kha and Jake Carpenter of Autograf return with an upbeat five-track EP titled Love & Retrograde via Alt:Vision.

In the last three years, the members of Autograf were put to the test from life. Battling family illnesses and death, mental health issues, losing relationships and more, the guys were unsure that they would ever find what made them happy again. But through all the hardship, they began to realize that "It's the biggest challenges in your life that end up making you the strongest," said Kha. And with this discovery, Love & Retrograde was born. 

This five track EP serves up a scoop of house, a layer of emotive lyrics, a sprinkle of intricate electronic elements, and is then topped off with some of Autograf's finishing touches to create yet another signature classic.

Leading the pack is "Test the Water" featuring longtime collaborator WYNNE, who has  also been featured on previously released "Nobody Knows" and "You Might Be." This track is the most emotional of the pack, ringing with a resonate piano that circles around the vocal speaking about facing struggles, and how they can change you. It then dives into a galactic drop full lush pluck bass and electronic embellishments constructing one thought-provoking track. 

"Retrograde" picks up the pace and mood while taking a plunge into some house vibes. A whistle like synth bounces as the saw bass accompanies creating an effortless grove, that can be felt throughout the track. In their recent interview with Billboard, the guys acknowledge this track as being "a transition track for us musically... It's a weird club track. It doesn't entirely make sense at a club, but neither do we. This is where we're headed; our past and our future together."

"Casual Love" came after months of going back and forth on ideas with Australian indie rock band The Griswolds.  This tune was a transformational one for Autograf as the lyrics pull on their past experiences and observations, while maintaining a positive spirit, noting that it's life and sometimes stuff happens. 

"Hold Me Back" features John Splithoff who supplies his laid back pop feels and features hymn-like harmonies and vocals on top of a groovy beat laced with guitars, snaps, and smooth synths. The lyrics are triumphant relaying that no one, is going to hold them back...at least not anymore. 

The composition then closes with "Night Drive," the most electronic track that morphs as you listen to it, taking you through a journey through acid house. 

Autograf is also on a complementary tour through the US, so see below for tour dates, and catch them in a city by you!

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