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Whitney leave remarkable footprint with "Giving Up" on Secretly Canadian

Whitney announce their new country soul album Forever Turned Around out August 30th via Secretly Canadian with "Giving Up." Forged out of the love of friendship Forever Turned Around highlights the strong bonds we hold close. 

"Giving Up" is a beautiful, calm soundtrack. The song feels like a wistful reminiscence; a nostalgic toast to times gone by. There's something lethargic and resigned within the music and lyrics, and yet the overall energy is still positive and upbeat. Whilst seemingly somehow accepting the quiet end of a relationship, "Giving Up" to us is about the contradiction of being human and complex. The instrumental horn solo section erupts from near absolute silence, almost like one last reenactment of memory. Nothing is permanent. As a result we find ourselves celebrating our fleeting existence as a beautiful gift. Whitney serve as a reminder that we leave remarkable footprints, especially when we work together. Here at EARMILK we are very much looking forward to Forever Turned Around. 

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