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The Bliss give you 'Heaven If You Want It' in debut EP

There have been several rumblings about electro pop duo The Bliss ever since their debut earlier this year. Combining producer Felix Snow's eclectic style with the romantic vocals of TYSM (Chelsea Davenport), their unique brand of pop is a reflection of an open mind and a pure heart. Their aptly titled debut EP, Heaven If You Want It, is a 6-track slice of electro-pop heaven, finished with 80's flavoured icing, and topped with a DJ Sliink remix cherry.   

Opening up with the song that started it all, "Got The Love", The Bliss emphatically set the tone for the rest of the EP. Definitively upbeat with echoing vocals, "Got The Love" is not only infectious, but notably impressive. Snow's love for funk, pop and electronica shine through in the guitar riffs, the booming bass, and simple chorus lines. The more you listen, the more layers you unfold, falling in love with a new section every time. 

While Heaven If You Want It is filled with summer-tinged anthems, none stand out quite as much as "Happier". Noted by a hyperactive percussive beat, it's one of the EP's more lyrically-dominated tracks. Weaving a wistful and familiar story of lamenting over a past love, Davenport expertly delivers one of the most relatable choruses I've ever heard: "I would rather be crying for you | Than happier with someone new". Intertwining a weeping guitar and even whistle notes into the composition sets "Happier" apart from the overcrowded scene of glitch pop, while feeling right at home in The Bliss' distinct tracklist. 

The rest of the EP continues on its steadfast course laden with funky nuances of electro-pop. Closing out this distinguished debut is "Hoops", a slight departure from the project's previous tracks. Boasting of a synth-heavy production and Davenport's boisterous vocal range, this track epitomizes the duo's greatest strengths. Snow's singular production style is riddled with subtle tricks and homages, while Davenport's vocals can effortlessly adapt to any change in production, unwavering and proud. 

Heaven If You Want It feels like the creative project these two tastemakers have always wanted to make. Honest and fun, it's an adventurous foray into the world of love and heartbreak. Though it feels complete, it really is only a dip into the pool of potential of this electric duo. We can't wait to hear the full dive.

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