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Mokita turns his emotions "Inside Out" with sentimental single on Armada Music

Born John-Luke Carter, Mokita's musical career started at an early age when he learned piano at six. He's blossomed into a songwriter that connects his emotions with life experiences and translates them effortlessly into wispy, sentimental songs. His newest pop track on Armada Music, called "Inside Out," truly tugs at the heart strings.

"Inside Out" was written during a dark point in Mokita's life when he was fighting with inner demons and depression. Not wanting to hurt himself or someone else, he realized that he needed to change his ways. However, that's easier said than done because he doesn't want anybody to find out that he's emotionally inside out. "I actually wrote the first half of the chorus when I was 17 when someone close to me was going through some major addiction issues," he states in a press release. "Years later the chorus kept coming back into my head as I was dealing with some similar issues of my own."

A blissful guitar begins the piece, and Mokita's vocals shortly come in to swoon us. The acoustic track moves mountains with its heartstring-tugging lyrics, simplistic production, and warm pads throughout. A subtle percussion rhythm comes in towards the end to up the ante and drive home the lyrics. 

We sometimes feel like we're on top of the world. When we're alone, the world's not as fun to conquer. Be open; experience emotions; be you. "I was struggling to believe that someone could love me for me; that if they fully knew me and saw my issues that there wasn't any way I could be truly loved," says Mokita. 

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