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Electro-pop duo The Bliss release 80s-tinged record “Happier”

Electro-pop duo The Bliss "pop" by today to share their 80s-tinged effort and latest single "Happier". The Bliss is a collaborative effort between pop artist TYSM (Chelsea Davenport) and hip-hop/electronic producer Felix Snow (SZA, Kiiara, Gallant, Icona Pop, Rita Ora, Terror Jr.), the pair have thus far released three well-received singles and "Happier" is an easy-to-listen-to electro pop bop with catchy guitar rhythms inspired by the late and legendary Prince. 

The pair share, “‘Happier’ started with listening to a LOT of Prince and 80s stuff in general. I knew I wanted a crying weeping guitar sound in the song somewhere - we hear that in the outro now. We had been experimenting in the vein of the 80's genre, which you hear in ‘Nothing Scares Me Anymore’ as well. I (Chelsea) played with mixing past and present life experience in the lyrics. The idea for the song existed before we started working it. I was singing Funny Girl in the shower (aka my own personal Broadway stage) and there is a song called ‘I'd Rather Be Blue’ in Act 1 that I love the sentiment of. ‘I'd rather be blue, thinking of you than be happy with somebody else.’ It doesn't get more honest than that. So we channeled that emotion while working on ‘Happier.’ It was so fun to make, we tried our best to pay homage to 'When Doves Cry' at the end with the whistle tones. Utilizing that part of my range is fun for me, I don't do it often enough."  The Bliss are finding ways to hook new and old listeners alike and if you feel inspired bounce and dance along from the start with "Happier" and maybe even find your bliss. 
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