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Sante explores various styles of techno and electronica in new 13 track mixtape 'Current II'

Sante has just released a thirteen track project titled 'Current II' that delivers a wealth of production expertise across various electronic styles.

Sante commands respect in industry with notable tracks under his belt, such as the moody “Awake feat. Sante, J.U.D.G.E. (Agoria Remix)” on Ultra Music and “Stay” on Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records from 2015. But these are just the tip of the iceberg, not least to mention the absolute masterpiece “Raton” from 2011 on InMotion Music that sounds like a fire beat with explorers having a debate in a submarine. All these works serve as part of a foundation within what the Techno genre has become today. 

To be fair any producer in the Techno genres residing in Berlin can sometimes get instant street cred.  However, on Sante’s latest album the sound is more reflective of his recent move to Portugal in pursuit of a new lifestyle of warmer climes, outdoor living, and surfing. You can hear this reflection in the tracks which have more accelerated bpms and perceived fast movements.

Standout tracks like “Emotional Closure ft Joaquin deKoen” deliver a night warm climate with the dark breeze feel to it backed by a railroad track beat, twinkle twilight notes, and male soul vocals.  “Dirty Hands” hit a more Minimal / Deep Tech style as it gets you into its groove with metronomic cue beat.

“Lets Make It ft Mathias Kaden” features a distinct vocal sample and beat for which if you ever liked Reset Robot’s “My Son Is A Fish Finger” you will dig this track.  “Talk About” has got an effective groove jam to it, good luck trying not to boogie to this one, with good build-up aspect before dropping into a wall of bass and beats.

We then get into an  Electronica Downtempo track with “Twisted Love” is radio friendly, dance station hit-worthy, with piano and echo vocals singing about being twisted and a bit lovelorn with emotive chord changes. “Trust Issues” delivers an acid squelpy synth line with other filtered synth chords and a high school marching band’s worth of percussions.

“Talaboo” feels like driving up the Pyrenees mountains for a week-long camping trip culminating in picturesque campsite views. “Enemy ft Iko Mowsa has got a bit more slight industrial feel to it, though officially listed as Techno.  

“Lost Souls ft Stickle” has a Kanye style vocoder singing about a lost soul with a beep bop sample. Again with the feely chord changes playing with your hair standing up on your arm if you were talking to someone at a party outdoors in the night and this one came on.

The 'Current II' collection all or at least in part, is worth grabbing for set building. Visiting some of Sante's old releases is also highly recommended.  

'Current II' was released via Sante's Avotre label which has been releasing original label tracks since 2012 with established and respected names in the Tech House field from those such as Russ Yallop, Sidney Charles and Stacey Pullen, Waff and Moby. Lately, they have been serving up releases from a lot more of the techno Cocoon crew such as Fabe, Mathias Kaden, and Villalobos.

Get the full release here

Connect with Sante: Facebook | Soundcloud

Connect with Avotre: Facebook | Soundcloud

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