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Chazzy L. takes listeners on an intense trip in “Spaced Out”

Entering the realm of dark pop, Chazzy L. releases her psychedelic single “Spaced Out”. With dreamy, dazed electronic soundscapes and rich raspy vocals, she exudes an old soul essence that oozes with raw attitude. Indicative of Macy Gray and Etta James while crafting her own originality, Chazzy L. leaves listeners in awe with her fresh and modernized sound.

With influences ranging from Sam Cooke and The Rolling Stones to current legends such as SZA and Frank Ocean, Chazzy L. has crafted innovative, genre-fusing pop music that stays true to the artistry deep within her core.

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter continually breaks barriers with her no holds barred spirit, extracting inspiration for her colorful music straight from her own wild, free, and trippy experiences. Her soulful, jazz-toned vocals float across smooth beats, as she gets candid and profoundly personal through her lyrics and sound. Take a listen to “Spaced Out” now.

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Dark Pop


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