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Aimee deBeer confronts negative social norms in “Billboards”

Indie pop artist Aimee deBeer has dropped her stunning release entitled “Billboards”. The track showcases deep cinematic soundscapes of delicate drums and evocative, ethereal vocals indicative of Lana Del Rey, yet a sound all her own. Thematically, “Billboards” challenges those images that feed our insecurities and the superficialities that rise as a result. From social media apps to billboards over highways, our culture is continually being told who we should be and how we fall short of those perpetuated societal standards.

The lyric “everything is beautiful and no one feels the pain” is originated from Kurt Vonnegut’s odyssey Slaughterhouse-Five, and echoes throughout the song as a harsh reminder of the expectations drilled into our subconscious.

Aimee deBeer spent the early part of her childhood living in South Africa on her father’s sailboat. Now residing in Los Angeles, she works continuously developing music that carries listeners through an alternate reality of the deep unknown. Crafting a rich, dreamy, retro style paired with innovative perspectives, her songs are a captivating delight for all who hear them.

The track will be featured on Aimee’s debut EP Who Will Save the Universe? Take a listen now and prepare to be riveted by this mesmerizing track.

Connect with Aimee deBeer: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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