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HONEYMOAN tease new EP with "Low Blow"

South African band HONEYMOAN tease their sophomore EP with the straight talking "Low Blow," a track that pretty much sums up teenage (and perhaps adult?) lustful wishes.

Featuring a jangly guitar riff and a contagious bass line, the alt-pop song blends elements of dub and psychedelic rock. While Alison Rachel's vocals are enchanting throughout, the band's contrast of groovy sounds with their straight to the point lyrics is refreshing, and almost humorous, (but in a very good way).

"Low Blow" is a funky, sex-fueled but sexless, sultry track taking aim at those not reciprocating desires. The repeated bass motif is highly addictive, you'll probably catch yourself humming it later and recognizing its greatness in hindsight once again. Detailing that one-sided, unapologetic lust, the track, the band puts it quite frankly, "tells the familiar tale of wanting to bang someone who doesn't want to bang you back and attempting to maintain one's self-esteem in the face of rejection." HONEYMOAN are simply brilliant. 

The band's honesty is admirable. "Low Blow" is an exciting first single from the new EP and a track that projects vivacity with psychedelic intricacies. Body will be released on the 28th June.

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