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YN Billy pledges his allegiance in "Red Rag" with surprise Lil Yachty cameo

YN Billy continues his winning streak with, “Red Rag.” YN Billy is a buzzing artist from Atlanta, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Billy is looking to capitalize on the success that his previous record, “Bud” brought him. To accompany his latest release, Billy opted to link with A Zae Production for the video treatment. With lyrics like, “Riding in the couple/ I be with my bloodas / we be ridin’ bool/ n*gga wanna’ pull up on me, hop up out that roof” the song is clearly an ode to YN Billy’s affiliation.

The sinister beat plays a key role in conveying YN Billy’s savage lyrics. The beat is mostly comprised of 4 piano keys with heavy 808’s to give it that patented Atlanta bounce. The eyes don’t lie, that is indeed Lil Yachty, who makes a cameo in the video in support of his fellow Georgian. “Red Rag” is a strong showing for YN Billy’s budding career and makes you anticipate what’s in store next.

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