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Abstract Orchestra brings live energy to classic hip-hop in "Rainbows" video [Premiere]

Live bands are criminally underused in the world of hip-hop. For a genre that relies so heavily on samples from old R&B and soul bands, one would think that more artists would harness the raw intensity that comes from live instrumentation. While The Roots have been the standard-bearers for live hip-hop for decades, the U.K.-based group Abstract Orchestra has made waves with their renditions of classic hip-hop with big band instrumentation. In their debut LP Dilla from 2017, they honored the legendary producer J Dilla, and they followed that up by tackling the Madlib and MF Doom collaboration Madvillainy. The second part of that project entitled Madvillain Vol. 2 is out now on ATA Records and the group is premiering a live performance video of the song “Rainbows” today on EARMILK.

Led by saxophonist Rob Mitchell, Abstract Orchestra gets to the essence of “Rainbows,” which itself is a sample of “Kelly” from Russ Meyer’s LP Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers. The group delivers the track’s bouncy beat, funky horn stabs, and Doom’s chant-like vocal lines with expert musicianship. James Russell’s fiery sax solos offer some of the video’s most exciting moments. Like their work on Dilla, Abstract Orchestra does justice to ­Madvillainy with energy that could only come from a live band.

Stream or buy Madvillain Vol. 2 here.

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