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Marina City's new single “Strawberry” is as delectable as it is sultry

Marina City has released their new single entitled “Strawberry”. Radiating with peppy beats and smooth seductive vocals, this Prince-inspired track fuses indie pop with a hint of R&B. Thematically the song details the choices we make and the multiple paths it may lead us.

"I often wonder what my life would be like if I did the exact opposite of my gut feeling," explains vocalist Ryan Argast, "Sometimes it's just 'what if I chose the red toothbrush instead of the blue? Would I have picked the winning lotto ticket that day?' The long answer: Strawberry is about making consequential decisions in the heat of the moment. Short answer: Strawberry is about hooking up with your best friend. Bottom line it's a fun song about consequences but aren't there consequences every time you have fun?"

Collaborating with super producer, Dino Zisis (Lady Gaga), the band had the creative freedom to explore a sound that stays genuine to their artistry. Extracting inspiration from childhood idols like Prince and Queen as well as current artist like The 1975 and Foster The People, they’ve managed to craft their own distinctive style that truly resonates with their listeners.

Marina City’s up-tempo, energetic music is beautiful, funky and extremely irresistible. Undefined by any one genre, the band’s motto rings true, "Sometimes to move forward you have to burn it all down." In 2018 they did just that, stripping down to their roots and discovering the most authentic version of themselves. “Strawberry” marks the next phase of the band’s evolution.

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