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Amtrac pays homage to OPENERS everywhere with "Formal Disco"

Caleb Cornett, also known as Amtrac has made it his mission to bring openers to the forefront of the dance music scene. Opening sets, opening tracks, and opening artists. Those who may sometimes be overlooked are in the spotlight thanks to his label, OPENERS.

Last week Amtrac graced fans with ‘Formal Disco’, a timeless number that defies genre and era. Following the release of ‘Just’ in February, ‘Formal Disco’ is a heartening tune that features euphoric keys and 80’s synths. A sort of cosmic funk, if you will. A seven-minute track, it takes us on a voyage through decades; at about 4:30 into the track, there’s a sort of uplifting epiphany moment that transports you to a different time—to the disco.

“A long overdue follow up to “Informal Disco”, says Amtrac on Facebook. Part one was the inaugural release on OPENERS back in February 2017.

The label is incredibly well curated, from the artists to the releases, events, and super cool artwork. Maintaining a simple aesthetic that features beautiful landscapes and old school photos for cover art, OPENERS isn’t about flashy gimmicks; it’s about great music and great artists that everyone can love.

There’s something to be said about opening sets. It takes a skilled DJ to correctly set the tone for an event. You want to get people moving, but not 3-2-1-jumping. Amtrac and his squad (including one of my personal favs Durante) have mastered this difficult art and are ambassadors for, and pay homage to openers everywhere.

Buy ‘Formal Disco’ here.

Connect with Amtrac: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with OPENERS: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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