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Bridesmen inspires emotional honesty in “Overwhelm”

Bridesmen releases the video for his latest single entitled “Overwhelm”.  Showcasing lush soulful vocals atop commanding keyboard, he bares it all in this stunningly poignant track. With simplistic instrumentation and passionate lyrics Bridesmen powerfully conveys a relatable struggle so many people resonate with.

“Overwhelm” details the intense battle we have with our emotions. "We Americans don't talk about mental health, and the shame we attach to it is prohibiting us from addressing it head-on. It's a vicious cycle. We feel isolated, so we produce negative thoughts, but because we don't discuss our struggles, we feel more isolated, driving us deeper and deeper into the abyss” he reveals.  


The captivating visuals for ‘Overwhelm’ display dancers that exquisitely interpret the song’s narrative through movement. Chen confides, "By letting them actually express themselves, I am setting my emotions free. I can learn to love the naive child and also the jaded guardian, recognize how important they are, as they guide me through The Overwhelm”. 

Bridesmen is Los Angeles based Kenton Chen. An indie neo-soul, R&B singer-songwriter, his goal is to empower others to find strength within themselves. As a new project, Bridesmen is an outlet for Chen to express his genuine creative nature.A gay Asian second generation immigrant, he grew up feeling isolated, continually hiding behind masks as a form of protection. Communicating themes of individual freedom and responsibility throughout his music, he narrates feelings of loneliness and the effect it has on others. 

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