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Erin Rae comes to terms with her past in "Bad Mind" music video

Erin Rae’s “Bad Mind” music video is a walk through a springtime forest. Swirling images of pink blossoms within her silhouette create a fitting cinematic piece to match the deeply heartfelt single. The Tennessee native outlines her captivating skill to match sound with sight in this latest video. She also introduces her listeners to her take on a tragic story.

 Rae sings “maybe cause they took her away, little girl from her mother, just because she had a woman for a lover in ‘98”. “Bad Mind” reflects on the event from Rae’s childhood, when her aunt was labeled as unfit to parent by an Alabama court because of her sexuality. The single, released on Rae’s 2018 album Putting On Airs, has garnered millions of plays on Spotify. The new video is a portrait of Rae perhaps coming to terms with this event from long ago. Set in a flourishing woods, the springtime aesthetic radiates vibes of awakening and starting anew.

For Rae, this song is about trying to understand. It is “an attempt at a conversation with myself and a higher power,” she says. “To better understand and heal where my relationship fears have been coming from.” In writing the song, Rae says it has “led to conversations with others about their experience, and a newfound sense of compassion for myself.” Watching Rae walk through a bright green setting is like walking alongside her and listening to her story - equally powerful and beautiful.  

Rae will be taking her talent on tour this summer as she joins Father John Misty, John Paul White (formally of The Civil Wars) and Dylan LeBlanc.

View upcoming tour dates here

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