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VICTORS reflect on love in the "Big City"

"Bright lights, big city" has come to signify the inimitable energy and electrifying consciousness running through hustling metropolises the likes of New York and London. In the Leeds-based dream-pop band VICTORS' case, "Big City" marks the utter loneliness felt when surrounded by everyone else- except for the one you wish you were still with. 

Emanating familiar feelings of regret and self-reflective questions, "Big City" is a slick synth pop tune, poignant in its delivery. Reading like a diary entry, we're intoxicated by the all-too-honest lyrics beckoning for an old relationship to be rekindled. The tempo remains steady, even through the chorus, in a reserved attempt to allow the dreamy vocals to stay at the forefront of the song. Accentuated by delicate percussive stabs and soft layers of dreamlike synths, "Big City" has the makings of a big arena pop song, but chooses to find meaning in a slightly more understated sound instead. 

VICTORS may lament over the big city, but the truth is that they've worked hard to get there. Releasing a steady stream of music since 2016, they've garnered the attention of BBC Radio 1TopshopSpotify, even the NFL (played across stadiums). The first release of the year in a forthcoming onslaught of new music, "Big City" sets the tone for VICTORS' evolving sound- same energy, but with a little more soul. 

Purchase tickets for VICTORS' upcoming shows here

May 24- Leeds, UK- Hyde Park Book Club
June 19- London, UK- Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
August 2- Southend, UK- Chinnerys
August 24- Cardiff, Wales- Wales Pride

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