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Hear Frou Frou live-debut their first single in 17 years, "Guitar Song"

Finally, the day we've been all waiting for: 2000's electro-pop duo Frou Frou is back. We had inklings this was happening when Imogen Heap announced Frou Frou would be emerging from the shadows to open up for Heap on tour (it's always a good sign when a disbanded duo is in contact), but we never thought it'd be so soon. As of Friday, the disappeared duo, consisting of Imogen Heap (before her famous solo career) and Guy Sigsworth, have released a new single, "Guitar Song", an acoustic crooner that you can hear below. 

Debuted live during Heap's now-underway Mycelia World Tour, a live recording of the single is now on Spotify in all its glory-- and it's beautiful. Even though it's a departure from their usual production-backed, theatrical tracks (RE: it's acoustic), the melodic quality is still the same. It's a 4-minute-9-second whole body experience that proves their lyrical abilities haven't changed in the least bit, and they still are able to string words together beautifully and calmingly. It has the delicate production quality of one of the softer songs from Details ("Hear Me Out", maybe), but still wields the freshness of a new beginning. “So happy to be releasing dear ‘Guitar Song’ with Guy, as Frou Frou,” Imogen Heap said in a recent press release. “We never really got to tour as Frou Frou that much but we are making up for it and opening every show on this World Tour we are on with this song.” We can't wait to see how this fares in the studio, and whether this will spawn more new music (fingers crossed).

If you don't know who Frou Frou is, that's understandable: they released their only album, Details, in 2002, but disbanded amicably and fell a bit to the wayside as Heap pursued her solo career. Their 10-track debut was a stunning display of theatrical quality that was borderline too short, and leaves no question of whether or not their disbandment anything had to do with poor music quality. It takes electro-pop at its best and makes heavily-produced tunes a good thing; computers aid them to craft a collection of songs that are both theatrical and pleasant in a way that has yet to be done again. Transport yourself back to 2002 here.

The U.S. leg of Heap's tour kicks off April 28 in Miami, and tickets for all dates are available here. You can see a full list of dates there as well.

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