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Kid Bookie and Corey Taylor rage in the official video for "Stuck In My Ways"

British rapper Kid Bookie has been on the radar of many lately, including that of his childhood hero Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor. His dream of collaborating with Taylor became a reality through a Twitter conversation, the fruit of which is the intriguing remix of Bookie's "Stuck In My Ways" which appeared on his EP Shake Up. Kid Bookie is one rapper who does a fantastic job at conveying his distinct lyricism through music videos - he is able to amplify his unapologetic truths with animations and effects that trigger entertainment, enlightenment and humor. The video for "Stuck In My Ways" is no different. Through Wowa's visual direction, his aggressive lines are brought to life.

After weeks of tweets and countdown posts in anticipation of the video, the visuals for "Stuck in My Ways" finally saw a premiere via Kerrang! magazine. Without sugarcoating it, the video is filled with many wild scenes as rock and hip-hop fans rage along with Bookie and his tune. Speaking on the visuals, Bookie explains: "If you were to capture rage in audio form, then present that rage visually, I think it would probably look a little like this. I've seen the theme dystopian and I think that suits the narrative, very well, Corey's trapped in a TV, I think that's fucking cool". 

Though we're only four months into the year, I'd bet the South London rapper has a lot more to offer. 

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