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JuWehl shares his soulful eponymous 'JuWehl' EP with the world

JuWehl (Martin Van Der Wehle) first caught our attention with his sultry funk-laden single "On Your Back" sometime last year and, while time has passed in between, the man in question made good of his promise to serve us more music with the release of his new self titled EP. The project may just be 4 tracks deep, but it's definitely not lacking in any department as the Copenhagen based act knows how to tingle the spine with his retro-tinged sounds and gripping melodies. Besides JuWehl's songwriting, the other man (albeit silent) behind this EP is the multi-talented producer Laust Juel, whose myriad sources of inspiration span decades of digging in genres such as hip hop, R&B and soul/funk. 

The EP starts with the previously released "On Your Back" and the fun only just starts from there. "Days Of Voodoo" slows it down with its alluring, future funk textures while JuWehl delivers a love-lorn performance that taps deep in the soul. The follow-up track "Gone By The Morning" stirs the hornet's nest with its situationship type subject matter which is delivered over a vibrant groove and catchy layered chords. The final track "Just Saying" exudes a more 90s hip-hop bounce peppered with a deep funk/soul synth stabs and guitars. JuWehl doesn't mince words again and lets the sensual element roam free as a bird on this joint. The track featured rapper ADL who shares his own perspective on the matter.

It may be a bit of a disservice to try to break down JuWehl's style every time but we can tell he knows his onions. He takes cue from giants like Chet Baker, Bill Withers and D’Angelo and fused it in his own unique, unorthodox way. Just hit the play button and get really familiar, real quick.

This is a link for the single to all platforms here.


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