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KOLIDESCOPES bring the summer to us in newest single "Focus"

KOLIDESCOPES bring sophisticated production and big city lights energy to our day. The incredibly talented dance duo are comprised of Parachute Youth's Johnny Castro and producer Dan Dare. However, KOLIDESCOPES is also just a wildly ambitious partnership between two heavyweight music enthusiasts. Whilst the rest of us are still reeling from a long winter, KOLIDESCOPES herald the summer with all its optimism and vitality in their latest single "Focus".   

"Focus" is unabashedly uplifting with its euphoric chords and supple bassline. The second in a series of singles to be released this year, we feel it right from the first key notes. The evocative vocals hit us as we're whisked away to a place with eternal sunshine over a pulsating dancefloor. That being said, we're not surprised, because if there's anything these seasoned artists can accomplish, it's a summer anthem.

After meeting at the The Matrix in Chelsea writing behind the scenes for other artists, Johnny and Dan quickly bonded; adopting a "fuck it" attitude and forming a duo together. They've since released a number of singles but are particularly excited for 2019 which Johnny explains will be "songs for the sun, songs for the night. Songs for when it's raining that brightens your day!" And no matter what season we're in, KOLIDESCOPES' feel good vibes will always be welcome in our house. 

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