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Casual T delivers jazzy future bass single “Why?”

Ahead of his debut Lovers? EP, Casual T reveals the freshman single “Why?”

Coming out of the Live Music Capital of The World, Austin’s own Casual T is spreading his message across state lines with his unique production style and melting pot of influences. “Why?” is the freshman single from his Lovers? EP, a catalogue of future dance with moments of hip-hop and vintage rhythms. On stage, Casual T brings an organic feel to the room deviating between a digital drum pad and Ableton. In the studio, the emerging talent hones in on a robust sound that is unapologetically his own.

A marriage between jazzy melodies and future bass, “Why?” is an infectious number, prompting listeners to move. Blending a labyrinth of genres that pull from decades past, each note is tangible and feathered with movement. Dedicated to the inevitable hardships that coincide with romance, “Why?” also speaks to the light-hearted nature of love. It’s colored with electronic psalms, and atmospheric synths, giving listeners insight on what’s to come with his summer EP.

“‘Lovers?’ is an exploration of modern dating and love. Each track asks a question about dating. I was aiming to capture the feelings that come when you first fall in love with someone, when everything is new and uncertain. I tried to capture these feelings in the music itself, much like capturing fireflies in a mason jar.  There are a few girls in particular that left very strong impressions on my heart, and yeah, this EP is about them.” - Casual T

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