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Diabolic & Vanderslice go wild on the visuals for "Think of That"

As the week comes to an end Diabolic & Vanderslice’s album single "Think Of That" gets the visual treatment. In fact, in his usual fashion, Diabolic is back on his grizzly as he takes on any competitors in this wild video. The fiery, IDGAF attitude displayed by the lyricist over the laid back, guitar driven song is fully amplified in the video and makes for a very quirky and hugely entertaining viewing.

 The video boasts some really cool animated effects that depict Diabolic entering the Twitter matrix to settle his rap beefs and claim his crown—this turned out to be really entertaining (and hilarious). The visuals were both directed and animated by Olise Forel of Moving Silence, who sought no further than ‘Bolic’s own lyrics for inspiration, which are synced up perfectly with a variety of scenes edited to include the rapper doing some off the wall shenanigans from doing the crane stance (shouts to the Karate Kid) to hatching a virtual egg with his fists. It all makes for one of the year’s craziest and ballsiest rap videos to date as Bolic extends his middle finger to the social media platform that gave ‘em the boot last year. 

“Think of That” as featured on their collabo LP, Collusion which dropped last Friday


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