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Nya shares her darkest thoughts in "Love You To Death" [Video]

In the modern realm of electro-pop, it's imperative to have it all- style, presence, vocal range, and a stellar production. But singer-songwriter Nya is determined to bring one more thing to the table: soul. Her newest single "Love You To Death" exemplifies the sultry singer's impressive range, both vocally and emotionally. And today, accompanying this sinful hit are the sweet and salty visuals served in the official music video, premiering right here. 

Proving that her artistic passions aren't just reserved for the recording booth, this video was directed and produced by Nya alongside model-photographer Ira Chernova. When disclosing her vision for the video, Nya shares that "[the song] is about obsession and the dark side of love. As human beings we tend to have a kind of subconscious possessiveness towards the people and things we love. I've certainly caught myself in possessive mode on more than one occasion. So I decided to lean into that feeling with the music video, in which an alternate version of me kidnaps her boyfriend to prevent him from leaving her. While the video is extreme, it touches on the compulsive nature of love, and that little bit of crazy in all of us."

Crazy or not, Nya's sheer force cannot be denied. "Love You To Death" may confess to an unevenly reciprocated love, but the song itself finds perfect balance in its composition. Blending piano keys with vocal harmonies into a contemporary but refined pop production, it ensures that Nya's voice would be the driving force behind this song, rather than an over-engineered and overcompensating production. And with a voice that flows like water over silk, effortless and elegant, it's a captivating performance every time.

Connect with Nya: Website|Twitter|Instagram|Soundcloud|Spotify

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