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Alicia Blue praises the revolutionary spirits on "Magma"

Alicia Blue can simply do no wrong. The Los Angeles songstress has not only become a beacon of encouragement through her string of singles that have been floating through the City of Angels - such as her assertive debut "Incognito" - but through her earnest nature that leads the listener to connect beyond the soundscape she effortlessly etches.

Breathing the tender caress of folk music, Blue continues to unravel personal threads on "Magma" by shining a light onto the positives of millennials and the mindset of those who look down upon the generation. Birthed from an image which Blue held in her mind of a volcano and the fear during eruption, the beauty of growth that followed became an ode to the children who are building a better future from the chaos. "Crops and life flourish post eruption. And it quickly came to me that this is my generation, my peers, the kids I was surrounded by," says Blue.

"Magma" saunters upon the warm tone of her guitar and gathers a communal backing midway, resting on vivid lines of "Scorpio children" attempting freedom. Of all the traits which Blue possesses musically, her storytelling is easily her greatest asset. Swaying with a gentle croon, Blue picks at the center of the era and the continual chase of following your dreams; living and no longer surviving like previous generations. While some qualities could be admitted, such as phone obsession and struggling financially to pursue one's dreams, Blue turns the narrative towards a broader spectrum of hope

"We're doing so much good. So much good is coming out of our destruction. Progress, protest, and it's all in our hands, via the internet, and the higher consciousness that's spending amongst us. It's incredible. And real."

Blue arms herself with a sincerity that immerses itself in the fibers of her music. "Magma" becomes all the wonderful things a person forgets to praise and is an anthem to sing to future generations in the midst of bleakness.

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