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Ghostfeeder shines with hard-hitting electro-rock opera

Aggressive and ominous, Ghostfeeder releases his latest single entitled "Veins". The track highlights piercing passionate vocals atop dark, distorted synths and deep shimmering soundscapes.    

A guitarist inspired by IAMX and Nine Inch Nails, Walborn was initially astounded by the level of knowledge and expertise needed to craft electronic music. It wasn't until he received a gig playing guitar for an electro artist in Los Angeles that he discovered that a minimal, DIY approach to the material could yield big results. He no longer possessed the same fear and uncertainty diving into the genre.

"I realized I had what I needed already, being that I had Garageband on my Macbook, and within a few months I had my first album done. It was a really liberating experience and required me to totally rethink my idea of being a musician. I haven't looked back since."

Nostalgia plays a big part in Ghostfeeder's music. Having been engrossed in video games in his youth, he utilizes the same hardware and sounds. Walborn is known for using Game Boys, N64, Sega Saturn, and Super Nintendo controllers alongside more typical gear for his live shows. It's a way of going back to his roots while providing the audience with a unique performance experience. 

"Veins" is off his album Star Beast. Amir Derakh, founding member of Dead By Sunrise, Julien-K, and platinum selling 90's behemoths Orgy, contributed to his technical experience by mixing and providing additional production for the album. The record is a stunning electro-rock opera packed with texture and mystery providing his darkest material yet.

Ghostfeeder has performed and worked with his teenage heroes including Julien-K and The Birthday Massacre. He has also toured across North America with PIG and Grendel. Walborn has also shared stages with Blink 182, Filter, Dance With The Dead and Royal Blood to name a few. Star Beast was funded by a successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign thanks to his large growing fanbase. Check out "Veins" out now.

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