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Lauren Lakis examines the nature of existence in “Right Now”

Deeply chilling with its eerie psych-rock sound, Lauren Lakis releases her new single entitled “Right Now”. The track features soft yet piercing vocals and gritty raw instrumentation, reminiscent of Fever Ray. The song narrates the struggle of staying in the moment and the amount of energy involved existing in the "here and now". 

Lakis explains, “Malaise is the word that probably best describes that feeling. But it’s also suggesting that it isn’t a solitary experience and that we can find comfort in each other.”

Born in Baltimore, but currently residing in Los Angeles, Lakis crafts a signature garage rock sound. Narrating dark moments through personal and honest lyricism creating an intimate with connection songstress. The unique rawness of her sound runs deep, a refreshing change from today's polite rock.

Written while attending a séance in an old dungeon in Washington state, the track is undeniably inspired by the location. The single is off her EP Sad Breakfast, which details the cyclical nature of existence and learning to accept it. Check out “Right Now” off of Cavity Search Records.

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