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Scavenger Hunt deals with "Regrets" in new single

Looking for something new to start your week with? Dreamwave/synthpop duo Scavenger Hunt have released their first single of the year, "Regrets".

The Jill Lamoureux-fronted duo made some waves back in April with their scintillating electropop take of Goo Goo Doll's "Name" (1995), and then later in December with the uplifting, pleading "Rip Tides". Following in the footsteps of shoegaze-artists past, their synth-heavy take on music pays tribute to old influences, somehow managing to mesh the carefree nature of 80's electronics and 90’s grunge while still delivering Scavenger Hunt's signature lyrical flair. We've had our eye on Scavenger Hunt since 2016, when fellow musician Bee's Knees remixed 2015's "Wildfire", and the duo finds themselves right back in our line of vision with this new single.

"I should've told you that I loved you / Instead of pushing away," she sings on "Regrets", and we instantly are made to share in her regrets. The song itself is a slow-burn, unwinding carefully before the chorus kicks in, bright and candy-coated, calling to mind something from Scavenger Hunt - EP (2015), which earned them a few well-deserved minutes in the spotlight back then. 

The way Scavenger Hunt glides and soars through choruses, tinging every note with a futuristic vibe that never fails to bring about a nostalgia for a past we've jointly imagined— one far better than the real— is enough to delve deep and keep you coming back for more. Each song utilizes the gentle synths with the same spellbinding energy as the last, but with a totally different flair. Her music is the perfect backing track for a long, sunlit drive spent reliving distant memories and looking forward to new ones.  It's never a disappointment and is a refreshing take on modern synthwave. This is one to watch. 

Connect with Scavenger Hunt: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Chillwave · Dreampop · Synth · Synth Pop


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