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American Authors evoke the cycles of change in new album 'Seasons'

You may know them from their chart-topping hit “Best Day Of My Life,” well, American Authors is back and better than ever with more of their alternative gritty rock. The Brooklyn-based four-piece have just released a new album entitled Seasons.

Thematically, the album showcases the seasonal cycles and how they impact and inspire growth. It features a unique blur of genres with rock anthems that border on pop and rhythmically producing a hip-hop boom. It distills a near-decade journey into a dynamic and distinct impression for the quartet.

“The biggest thing is the change American Authors went through to get here,” explains lead vocalist and guitarist Zac Barnett. “We had to go through all of these experiences and moments of experimentation to reach this body of work, which is the most genuine and pure thing we’ve ever done. It encompasses every season of our music: the ups, the downs, the highs, the lows, and everything in between. We let go of where we started, fell into the place of writing from the heart, and captured what came out naturally.”

Each track on the album is an energetic anthem of raw raspy rock bursting with heart and soul. The album opens with “Stay Around,” which features an enthusiastic, clap-driven beat. Highlighting an upsurge of synths, echoing guitars, and pounding drums, this hard-hitting track starts things off with a bang. The song’s message is all about calling on your friends and loved ones to help in tough times. 

Zac admits, “It’s really difficult for me to open up and let others into my life as far as my troubles and problems are concerned. You’ve got to be able to confide in those closest to you though. On the song, I’m opening up and admitting I’m not perfect, but showing I can be better.”

Next comes “Say Amen,” a powerful and spirited track digging deep with all the growl and grit you’ve come to expect from the band. With robust bass, crashing drums, and highly passionate vocals, this gospel-infused hit uplifts its listeners with every note.

Another strong and sincere track is “Neighborhood,” delivering a sadly bittersweet message of nostalgia. Singing, “Goodbye, so long to my neighborhood… and I know that I’ll see you again, because I’ll always come back to my neighborhood,” the song leaves you with a feeling of longing for the past while knowing you have to let go. It’s these and other tracks that make their new alternative album a standout success.

American Authors consists of Zac Barnett [vocals], James Adam Shelley [guitar, banjo], Dave Rublin [bass], and Matt Sanchez [drums]. Since their 2012 emergence, the band have set the stage for an evolution. By 2018, American Authors generated 1 billion in global streams, and their breakthrough smash “Best Day of My Life” earned a triple-platinum certification from the RIAA and vaulted to #11 on the Billboard Hot 100. They’ve also sold out shows around the globe and performed at prominent festivals including Lollapalooza, Firefly Music Festival, BottleRock Napa Valley, Reading Festival, and Leeds Festival, to name a few.

Ready for a change, the band retreated to a mountainside studio outside of Nashville rather than record in Los Angeles or New York. Surrounded by woods and picturesque nature, they had the opportunity to experience all four seasons of Tennessee. Check out their album Seasons out now. 

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