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CLAVVS' mesmerizing new single empowers the soul to face the "Devils I Know"

Brooklyn-based CLAVVS deliver a unified sense of empowerment and vulnerability in their powerful new indie-pop single "Devils I Know".

With shimmering chimes hitting gently in the backdrop, “Devils I Know” is a mesmerizing new track that makes the daunting task of facing one's own demons feel like a romantic conquest. The duo, consisting of Amber Renee & Graham Marsh, deliver a passionate Portishead-esque vocal performance and a lush instrumental production that help drive the evocative lyrics right through your soul. The songs intense instrumental builds carry along a burning resolve that makes this track feel so empowering by the end. Of the lyric's personal nature, lead singer Renee shared, "this is me acknowledging my bad habits and realizing that I can change them. All of the songs on this EP are about letting go of things, and this one, in particular, is about letting go of who I used to be." 

Already being viewed by many critics as an artist to watch for at this year's SXSW, CLAVVS is set to really make a mark on the indie-pop world this year. Keep an eye on them and check out their upcoming shows below: 

Upcoming Shows: 
Symphonic Showcase @ Stay Gold (5 or 6pm) → Wednesday, March 13
Next Level House @ Clive Bar (1:00-1:40pm) → Thursday, March 14
The Deli Showcase @ Chuggin’ Monkey (2:50-3:30pm) → Friday, March 15
WARP [Official Showcase] (10:00-10:40pm) @ Augustine→ Friday, March 15
Sound Dessert @ Icenhauer’s (1:00pm-1:40pm) → Saturday, March 16
9th Annual Future of Music Showcase @ Shiner’s Saloon (5:00-5:40pm) → Saturday, March 16

Connect with CLAVVS: Facebook |Twitter |SoundCloud |Instagram |Spotify

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