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BIIANCO emerges with a fierce debut chillwave anthem "get up"

Fierce and unapologetically herself, BIIANCO emerges as a catalyst for greater movements upon her first introduction “get up.” Stemming from the always creative musings of Smoke Season’s Gabby Bianco, the LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer gears her solo project as an assertive declaration of her own power, strength, and the importance of showcasing women in the music industry.

BIIANCO’s gentle siren appears like a hidden strength in all of us, washing over the track’s opening keys and with a rather blunt acknowledgment on the first lines: “I'm the kind of soul with bullet holes on my sleeve / Honestly, I know it will ruin me.” Dream-beat synths begin to layer and allude to the upcoming build that we’ve heard from the artist before, but this time bearing a mellow coating.

Brightening the ominous prowl from the first verse, the track bursts sonically beneath a chillwave soundscape. Vocal samples dance around the intense quiet heard on a rather addicting electronic pulse, which the artist eloquently addresses, “I wanted to show that ferocity can sometimes come in the form of a whisper.” Electronic modulations balance the track’s indie vocals, which BIIANCO effortlessly keeps at an angelic breath, for the track's beaming siren: "You want to watch me fall?  You’re gonna watch me get up get up get up this time.”

What can be heard as the start of a passionate solo project, BIIANCO’s unveiling is an anthem to every underdog or struggling individual looking for a continuous shot of inspiration. BIIANCO’s EP is near release and was engineered and produced entirely by the artist.

Connect with BIIANCO: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Chillwave · Electronic


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