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Gold Complex harnesses electric live energy on "Homegirl"

For bands like Gold Complex who put on an explosive live show, it can be difficult to capture the raw energy of the stage in a recording. The eight-piece outfit from Toronto has managed the feat successfully, however, with their latest single “Homegirl.” The track is bursting with energy throughout due to some impressive musicianship and clearly meticulous production work. It is the third single and lead song off their upcoming album entitled New Soul, slated for release on February 22.

The groove never stops on “Homegirl,” with a rock solid rhythm section setting a steady foundation for lead singer Will Bowes’ dexterous vocals and some percussive horn lines. In true pop fashion, though, “Homegirl” is all about the hooks. There is a gradual build in energy leading up to each chorus, which feature Bowes’ angular and irresistibly catchy vocals as he croons to a potential romantic partner. The lyrical content on “Homegirl” is nothing groundbreaking, but it doesn’t really matter as Gold Complex cultivates a vibe of fun in a remarkable feat of production. The song shows that with the album on the way, Gold Complex will soon become known as much more than just an electrifying live band.

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Pop · R&B · Soul


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