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It's the weekend! Now go listen to vbnd's "No Other Feeling" on repeat until Monday

It's Saskatoon in the fucking building on this fine Friday afternoon. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, North America’s better half has produced yet another groovy artist for your listening pleasure. Feast your ears on vbnd and his latest “No Other Feeling.”

Taking control of the bass, with major assists on vocals, percussions and that sweet, sweet sax vbnd has pieced together one hell of a smooth tune in “No Other Feeling.” The song starts with some wayward keys and persistent percussion before vbnd brings the bass with Katie Tupper on vocals.

For the first few minutes, “No Other Feeling” sounds right at home with the Charlotte Day Wilsons of the world. It’s a jazzy soul/r&b track, smooth with enough bounce (thanks to vbnd’s ferocious bass lines) to give a basketball motion sickness. But just when you think you’ve heard it all, when you think that “No Other Feeling” can’t give you any other feeling than smooth new-age soul, Connor Newton's sax pokes its head in. Just as quickly as it arrived, it disappears, giving but a small sample that begs for more. Thankfully, that more comes almost immediately, and blows the doors down once it gets rolling. But vbnd and the crew don't let Newton take the limelight. They keep it a team effort, framing Newton's sax with their groovy backing band while he cruises onward.

“No Other Feeling” is the latest from vbnd, meant to satiate fans until his next full-length project drops. It was a good attempt, but with a tune this tasty, we're walking away hungry for more.

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