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Minke drops soulful new single "Something Better"

I really cannot get enough of Minke. The British singer releases her new single “Something Better” today, ahead of her debut EP The Tearoom, due out March 8th. This single begins with dramatic piano chords, leading listeners into a chorus of multiple harmonies, all of which hold a gospel-like quality.

Minke grasped the world’s attention last summer with her single “Maybe 25”. She has held onto that attention with her skills in belting out soul-catching lyrics and melodies. This is evident in the energy and depth that appears in every one of her tracks. Minke shapes the chorus of "Something Better" with powerful lyrics dappling with themes that match the gospel-like sound;  my favourite being "I may not have faith but I have faith in us". Minke continually releases tracks worthy of hitting the repeat button. I believe I can join many is saying I have March 8th's EP release marked on my calendar. 

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