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The Astronots channel masked anxiety in "Settle Down"

Showcasing an intense garage sound, American Rock 'n' roll band The Astronots release their new single "Settle Down". Featuring echoing guitars, pounding basslines and chilling layered vocals, the track seamlessly captures an intense feeling of anxiety about being trapped inside yourself. Singing "Be sure your time with me haunts you endlessly," like the lyric states, the song sticks with you long after it's over.

Taking inspiration from artist like Led Zepplin, Alabama Shakes and Kings of Leon, The Astronots have managed to combine elements of their quintessential Los Angeles upbringing, classic rock and west coast cool. Spearheaded by its founding members Niko Giaimo (Vocals/Guitar) and Allee Futterer (Vocals/Bass) and completed by guitarist Eddie Campbell, the group continues to amaze audiences across the nation.

The Astronots grungy psych sound has lent itself to film and TV placements as well as curated playlists. Their music has been featured on the CBS hit show Life in Pieces and Andrew Garfield's 2018 feature film, Under The Silver Lake.

With songs covering a variety of issues including school and public mass shootings, anxiety, drinking, love, pain and cheating, their music offers an honest look at life's challenges, capturing genuine stories in each song. 

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